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Bubby is a brand name of an attractive and brilliant new patent, a revolutionary concept in the plush industry � Air inflated plush toys.

Bubby The Loveable Buddies are big, soft and cuddly, they are lightweight and tons of fun. Plus, these big buddies can easily go wherever your little buddies go because they are inflatable (this unique kind of inflatable plush toys is stuffed with an inflatable PVC bladder that is easily inflated). Each Bubby comes with a convenient carrying case and a foot pump. They are as easy for mom as they are fun for kids.

The Bubby plush dolls are in the image of the cutest animals, and their sizes range from 2 ft high, up to 7 ft tall giraffe.

The Bubby Plush air inflated animals come in variety of Large sizes, but, when deflated they will fit anywhere, so your child can take it with you when traveling, and you can even save it for your next little ones since storing it is so easy� its easily washable every time needed � simply all the advantages you can hope for in such a great toy.

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